Igor Notte Human Beats



Mixed Recorded Produced & Performed by Igor Notte
Video Artwork & Design by Igor Notte


Human Beats, the latest multimedia work by Igor Notte, is the natural evolution of the previous audiovisual works created by this Italian-Finnish artist, inspired by a constant reflection on time and memory. His research combines music and visual art, with a focus on the human being, observed and captured in a variety of everyday activities, and portrayed as an active, purposeful agent in social interactions.
The electroacoustic sounds of this all-encompassing work weave through various genres, acting as a counterpoint to the dilated time dimension of the visual narrative: valuable life moments are captured and expanded to create a prolonged audiovisual experience.
With its self-reflecting combination of sounds, rhythms and images, Human Beats is an avant-garde audiovisual research project that lays the foundation for an enhanced creative exploration, investigation, and imagination of time.

Edit by Onimo Records 2016