Regeneration – 2008


Sobject, video & music – Igor Notte

Birth, growth and then expansion, decline and ultimately death.
“3″ means the age of every living organism. The three ages of man,
Three basic principles of the plane figure.
In the beginning was the energy pulse, its expansion, the need for space.
Then spread and consolidation.
A network of networks, covering the planet, sucking the deep energies,
transforming the lifeblood in rhythms, dissonances, terrible symphonies.
The matter becomes intelligence and this becomes shapes, structures, movements.
The power of concentration. Too much concentration.
Balance is fragmented into thousands. Poisons emerge from the skin.
White on white to clean what was.
Snow on the ground. And the snow will come bread. A new food.
The fourth element: the “3″ enters another dimension.
Now, unconsciously, it is tetrad.
The energy, once concentrated,
discover the possibilities of the adjacent, reveals the infinite spaces.
The energy of the mind, the energy of active intelligence.

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